Anti-Trump Set of 6 buttons Plus 1 FREE (ANTITRUMP-401-ALL)

$20.79 $10.97

This anti-Trump set of seven (7) includes the following buttons: 1) We Need the Trump Taped buttons (ANTITRUMP-401); 2) NOPE buttons (ANTITRUMP-402); 3) Keep Calm. Trump is Almost Gone buttons (ANTITRUMP-403); 4) Trump You’re Fired in 2020 buttons (ANTITRUMP-404); 5) STOP THE MADNESS! #Resist Trump buttons (ANTITRUMP-405); 6) Dump Trump buttons (ANTITRUMP-406); and 7) Stop Using Twitter buttons (ANTITRUMP-407).

All buttons measure 2.25 inches in diameter.

We use the highest-grade, American-manufactured materials. All buttons are 100% Made in the USA.

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